About Me


Hello, Welcome to my site.

My name is Troy Griffin, I am an Aboriginal Artist from Australia. I come from the Worimi First Peoples from the Mid North Coast of NSW. I started out in aboriginal art around 15 years ago after visiting my late uncle and aboriginal elder of the Worimi First Peoples, uncle Jim Clarke. He was painting at the time and explaining what the symbols represented in the painting and the stories connected to his paintings. He gave me a few tubes of paint, some canvas and a kebab stick to dot with so i could  give it a go when i got home. I enjoyed thinking about what design i would paint, sitting down to paint on canvas and watch my ideas and connection to my culture come to life on the canvas. Painting was also a great help to me in the way of therapy as i was right handed until an accident left me with spinal damage and limited use of my right hand, having to use my left hand i got plenty of practice while painting and dotting. Now as well as doing paintings i like to work with wood and do some craft, I'm also having a go at designing some T-Shirts.